ultimate shad - about us
A few years ago, I set out to make a lure capable of a completely new action made possible by the design of the lure and the way it is rigged.

The unique design of the Ultimate Shad creates a random action - the lure planes off in a different direction with every twitch of your rod tip. It looks just like an injured baitfish that bass and other gamefish can't resist!

The oversized, deep-notched tail immediately identifies the Ultimate Shad as prey. This, along with the contrasting eye, means they hit the head of the lure first and get the hook!

Simple to rig and easy to cast without weight.

Works great on every kind of water from tiny ponds and streams to large reservoirs. Using only Ultimate Shad, two fishermen caught 25 keepers in one day at Lake of the Ozarks including one over 5 pounds! I have caught largemouth up to 7-1/2 pounds in Missouri on the Ultimate Shad.

Pick a color and size to match conditions: subtle colors for clear water, brighter colors for murky water and low light.

Each Ultimate Shad and all our molds are made in-house in the the USA with strict quality controls.

Add a few colors of the Ultimate Shad to your arsenal today - you'll be glad you did!
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